We hired Suanne Bassett to help us design a complete renovation of our home along with a 700 sf addition. It was important to us that we stay true to the original style and scale of our home, and that the addition integrate seamlessly into the space - but we also wanted to make the entire space feel more modern, with tremendous natural light and good flow. Suanne was amazing in her ability to take our vision and ideas and transform them into actual, workable plans. She didn't press us to make our house bigger than we wanted to, she cared about our vision for the space rather than just what was trendy or traditional, and her design input helped make the house feel uniquely ours while also giving it a terrific and appealing flow. Suanne was great to work with - she listened, cared about what was important to us, but also wasn't afraid to suggest things or encourage us in a different direction when she thought we were making a choice that wouldn't work as well. We are so thrilled with the way the space has taken shape - it is even better than we had imagined, and the design, while quiet and not ostentatious, is what makes the whole space work so well. We definitely give Suanne our highest recommendation.Read More

I am working with Suanne Bassett on a remodel of my kitchen and two bathrooms. Suzanne is an absolute pleasure to work with. She is extremely knowledgeable and professional. She listens to my wishes and takes them into considerations when making recommendations. She has very creative ideas and suggests things that I never would have thought of. She is thorough in searching for the "right" materials and educates me as we go along. I know that the finished product is going to be gorgeous and can't recommend Suanne enough!Read More

Suanne has really been phenomenal in helping me create my new home. She is always responsive and always follows through with any promises she makes. She has been helping me get all the elements together for my home renovation and has really been a lifesaverRead More

Suanne was recommended by my contractor and I'm so glad to have worked with her on my home expansion! She provided a number of options and I was able to pick the most appealing and combine them to achieve exactly what I wanted. Suanne is a consummate professional, extremely collaborative and very easy to work with. My home renovation is underway and I can't wait to see the final results.Read More

I met Suanne when interviewing Architects for a total remodel of a cottage. The cottage ceiling had several ceiling heights, and I wanted to make it a pitched roof to visually make the space appear larger. While other Architects discouraged this design, stating that removing structural beams would be costly, Suanne encouraged us to have the ceiling beams reviewed by a structural engineer. We did this and the beams were not structural. I have been working with Suanne for several months. She has embraced my vision while pointing out areas I should consider changing. She offers vendors that I are professional, do outstanding work, and provide many options to choose from. She has been so helpful in every aspect of this project from planning, applying for permits, and design options. She is very responsive to any communication, and I would recommend Suanne highly for any project.Read More

Suanne is the architect who designed our house in Palo Alto. We have high regards for her professionalism. She is dedicated to her work, communicates effectively with us, and pays attention to details. In addition, she designs the house that is not only functional but also shows a keen architectural point of view. Above all, she is delightful to work with and we highly recommend her to your next design projects.Read More

I worked with Suanne for 2 years planning and implementing a major home remodel. She was involved in the initial design, architectural plans, permitting, on site building, and interior design. The best testament to her skill as an architect is the finished product: a home we love that was specifically designed for the way we live. She has great vision, a beautiful clean esthetic, and the ability to incorporate custom ideas and various styles. She is collaborative, timely, responsive, and very invested the quality of the project. And to top it off, she’s a super nice and interesting person!Read More

We really enjoyed working with Suanne on our home remodel, adding >700sqft, and changing most of the interior spaces. Suanne came up with multiple options, including some ideas we would never have thought of, and helped us quickly iterate to a final solution. Suanne then produced all the plans and worked closely with the structural engineer, soils engineer and contractor to get appropriate permits. Throughout the project, Suanne has been very easy to work with, and has responded quickly to all our queries. We would definitely recommend Suanne to anyone considering a home remodel project.Read More

Suanne has an impeccable eye for detail and brings a sophisticated level of architectural design to her projects. We have worked together for a number of years and I appreciate her responsiveness to clients, working as a team to balance practical needs and beautiful architecture. Her spaces are exceptionally well designed and her clients enjoy working with her!Read More

Loved working with Suanne. Great ideas and listened well to our needs. She was referred by a designer and we would recommend her as well.Read More

At the recommendation of our realtor's team, we found Suanne and worked with her on our near total remodel and expansion of a 60 year old home in the Bay area. She worked with us to transform the house into a modern living space that fit our needs and specifications, with attention to details. From the initial design and revisions, she continued to be regularly involved with work on the house as she regularly communicates with us and the contractor's project managers, cabinet company, tilers, etc. throughout the duration of the project. She has definitely helped to facilitate a smooth process and provide input to maintain the general vision, color scheme, and design intact as small unexpected things have popped us, not surprising for an older home. Her input has been invaluable, finding a good balance between her suggestions and recommendations and our style and wishes She has helped find ways to create areas of storage, remain relatively kid friendly, but keep a contemporary style and design. As we come near the end of our project, we have been very pleased with the results. We wouldn't hesitate to work with her again and would recommend her without reservation, particularly for anyone working on a modern (or transitional) project.Read More

We worked with Suanne on the design and drawings for our 110+ year old farmhouse remodel. It was important to us to maintain the integrity of our beautiful old home while at the same time adding on the space and amenities that we desperately needed. Suanne was wonderful to work with and took all of our concerns to heart. Her creativity was key to solving our remodeling dilemmas and helping us mesh the old with the new in a way that kept the old farmhouse still looking like and old farmhouse and not like new construction. We could not be happier with the designs she came up with and would highly recommend her to any of our friends and family.Read More

My wife and I worked with Suanne Bassett on our recent kitchen renovation. We're the Black & White kitchen that was on her web site at the time of this review. Suanne was a great designer. She turned a dark small space into an inviting area. She was able to make recommendations -- things we would have never considered -- that tied the whole project together. Suanne was also our advocate with the contractor, plumbers, painters, etc. from the start to end of the renovation. On numerous occasions, she was able to resolve issues before they turned into problems. Suanne was reliable, professional, and a talented designer. We regret that there's not a 7th star to check on her rating.Read More

As a Real Estate professional Suanne has been a huge asset to my business. She is always available to meet with my buyers during their house search and advise them on potentially remodeling or adding on to a property that they are considering buying. She gives honest and sound advise which puts them at ease and goes above and beyond to create a design plan for their new home that meets all their criteria and expectations while staying within their budget requirements. Myself and my clients love her!Read More

Suanne brought the creativity and professionalism needed to finish my home addition project, which was in the framed but unfinished state. The project consisted of a new master bedroom suite and hallway with skylight serving the bedrooms. She worked with me to select the design elements and was quite involved when it came to finding and selecting stone for the countertops and tub, bathroom tile, and lighting. I appreciated her contacts with suppliers and various trades when it came time to start construction. Also her assistance when a few details did not unfold right the first time around.Read More

Suba was referred to us for our remodel and we feel very fortunate to have found Suanne for our project! We wanted to modernize our home's curb appeal, update the 60's style bar/family room and reconfigure our small living room. Suanne is a thoughtful listener and her creativity helped incorporate ideas we had not considered. The outcome is truly better than we hoped for!Read More